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How to Get Your Football Coach to Notice You and Get More Playing Time

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You go hard in your football training program…you do the conditioning…you get yourself mentally ready to play…then you still find yourself on the bench! High School Football can be a brutal experience when your coach doesn’t know you exist… We all want more playing time. If you’re a true competitor,

Walter Camp: The True Founder of American Football

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Football season has sprung and the sport is in full swing. Many fans love the ruggedness of American Football. It is not a sport for the weak. Fans follow their favorite teams and cheer them on at home, games, and businesses. Here is a little history to help in the

The Best Hospitals in Rio De Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil and was the capital of the country up to 1960. Rio is the third largest metropolitan area in South America. The headquarters of many international oil, telephone, media and communication companies in Brazil are located here. Rio will also host

Conspicuous By Their Absence: David Beckham – Romario – Raul – Sunday Oliseh – Roy Keane

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It always provokes a reaction from fans of national teams whenever their favourite players’ names are excluded from the squad to play in any match or to participate in a major tournament. Every fan is an expert, an Alex Ferguson who can give you a million reasons why player A

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Wow ! Russia in Quarter Finals. #fifaworldcup

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Wow ! Russia in Quarter Finals. #fifaworldcup Descubre camisetas de equipos y selecciones europeas

Real and Virtual Football Fields are Up for

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How can commercial firms make football fans happy, besides selling T-shirts with names of favorite players? The largest German trading company “Quelle” found such original souvenir from World Cup 2006 – this is “exclusive” grass from Berlin Olympic stadium football arena after final game. The whole of surface will be