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What Happened In The UK In 1992?

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Breaking 1992 down into the biggest political, sports and entertainment news; here’s what happened… The queen had both an expensive and an embarrassing year; early on announcing that she would bow to public pressure and pay income tax (the first time a British monarch had done so for over 50

OJ Simpson Throwback Jersey – What’s it Worth?

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It’s always interesting to note what makes the buying public tick. Is there some reason why a certain product carries such value to people. I’ll use an example of a signed OJ Simpson throwback jersey. Unless you’ve been living on an entirely different solar system for the past two decades,

Fantasy Football: The Art of the Deal

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One of the most exciting aspects of fantasy football is negotiating a trade with a fellow owner, then watching on Sundays to see who came out ahead in the deal. The thrill of making a trade is what makes fantasy football fun, yet a majority of owners shy away from

Hot Soccer Mom

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It’s always exciting to watch live football games and be treated to breathtaking moves as well as hot soccer mom. Everyone loves the contact sport. Children, teenagers, and adults are hooked to world class football. Even gender is not an issue when it comes to soccer as men and women

WORLD CUP 2018 Quarter Finalist Amazing Facts: FRANCE has 6 letters & URUG…

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WORLD CUP 2018 Quarter Finalist Amazing Facts: FRANCE has 6 letters & URUGUAY has 7 letters BRAZIL has 6 letters & BELGIUM has 7 letters SWEDEN has 6 letters & ENGLAND has 7 letters RUSSIA has 6 letters & CROATIA has 7 letters Dates: 6 & 7 July 6 vs