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American Football: Brief History

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American football is really an interesting and amazing sport that epitomizes human spirit, competitiveness, and endurance to win. Only 60 nations has adopted this sport as a national sport, but past records suggest people have been playing this sport since ancient times. Ancient Greeks and Romans used this sport to

A Brief History of the Adidas Brand

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Adi Dassler invented the Adidas brand during the 1920s; the brand name is an abbreviated version of his name. Adi was an avid sports fan, but also a manufacturer of shoes, and he had a vision: to invent trainers that would allow a sportsperson to perform at an optimal level,

Understanding the Unfortunate Situation of the Al-Fida'I (Palestine National Team)

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"Does Palestine have a football team?" That got me excited to the point where I ended up buying a round of second tobacco fill-ups for the group. The simple answer to that question was a "Yes". But me being me, wanted to explain to them the little that I knew

Today’s Matches – #fifaworldcup 25th June 2018 (Friday) Time: IST Uruguay vs …

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Today’s Matches – #fifaworldcup 25th June 2018 (Friday) Time: IST Uruguay vs Russia (Group A) – Samara – 7.30 pm Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) – Volgograd – 7.30 pm Spain vs Morocco (Group B) – Kaliningrad – 11.30 pm Iran vs Portugal (Group B) – Saransk – 11.30

How Playing Football Develops Useful Skills

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Football is the most popular sport in the world with its grand stage, the World Cup every four years. Many of the world’s players can become huge celebrities if they perform well during the World Cup. Fans will travel across the globe just to make sure that they see their

Top 10 Sporting Trophies and Awards

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Sports play an important role in quite a few people’s live and for those who compete in different sporting disciplines will dedicate time and effort to not just playing but also training to win a trophy. Today there are a wide variety of trophies and awards that teams and individuals

Brazil in Quarter Finals | Brazil 2 Mexico 0

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Brazil in Quarter Finals | Brazil 2 Mexico 0 camisetas de futbol baratas 2018